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The – not to be confused with the – is a unique entry in the of juices. It tastes horrible. It smells funny. Seriously – I gag almost every time I drink it, especially towards the bottom of the bottle where it gets more concentrated with small bits of and floating around. But I still drink a glass everyday because I need to balance out all the junk food I eat.

It’s not supposed to taste good – it’s supposed to be good for you. I’m really impressed that a major label like (or if you want to go further up the chain) is selling a drink like this. People leaving negative reviews for this based solely on the taste and smell are really missing the point and are doing a great disservice to a national brand who’s taking a risk with juice that doesn’t just give you a sugar high.

The is packed with and with a little bit of and You’d think that the and would help with the flavor, but it doesn’t. Who knows what it would taste like without the little bit of sweetness from the and though.

I don’t dilute it at all and drink it as-is in one mighty chug. Afterwards I’ll usually take a swig of which pretty much washes it all down.

I can’t say that I feel better or worse after drinking this daily for a few weeks now, but I do feel good about getting the nutrients that I would otherwise miss out on. You can find the Kale Blazer in most stores, or order it directly from

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