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I’ve always loved honey, and when I was a kid I would constantly drink those . When I went full-on vegan many years ago one of the things I gave up was honey in favor of , but it just wasn’t the same. I started using honey again back around 2013, but since reading up on fake honey I’ve only gone with local farms that tend to the well being of their bees. In Southern California I’m fortunate to have Honey Pacifica available in most of the stores around here, and their headquarters is only a short drive away. It’s simply the best honey I’ve ever tasted, and if you use regular honey – particularly those ones in the plastic bear bottles – you can really tell the difference.

A lot of honey isn’t actually honey, but made instead out of artificial sweeteners like corn syrup. Worse yet, most of the “honey” you see in stores originates from other countries like China which often contain harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Being raw, Honey Pacifica honeys contains pure unadulterated honey from a local farm. Consuming honey that’s been locally grown can possibly help out with allergies if you live in the same area, and it just tastes better too. While not certified organic, Honey Pacifica’s  and do meet the criteria of organic however Honey Pacifica has chosen not to pursue the certification as it would only add to higher prices for the consumer.

Honey Pacifica is made locally in Southern California and is only available at a limited number of stores. If you live elsewhere, you can purchase Honey Pacifica directly from Amazon.

Read more about fake honey on Food Renegade.

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