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Mother’s Day is here, and we’ve put together a list of the top 10 gifts we think your mom would enjoy regardless of whether she’s vegan or not. The criteria was basically if we thought it would make a nice gift and if it was created in a cruelty-free manner without the use of animal skins. In no particular order,

#1 – Musically Inspired Bangle Bracelets

No list for mom would be complete without some jewelry, and these handmade guitar string bangles are simply beautiful.

#2 – Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax candles are a nice way to relax and enjoy different aromas while burning slower and cleaner.

#3 – Personalized Herb Chopping Blocks

This herbal chopping block can be custom engraved with several different designs.

#4 – Eyeshadow Collection

This eye shadow collection features matte, semi-matte and shimmer eye shadow shades, made with organic vegan ingredients.

#5 – Vegan Cleansing Creams

Dry skin? Not anymore, with this vegan mix of rich and creamy hydrating cleanser ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

#6 – Handmade Clutches

Check out these beautifully made clutches made out of vegan leather. They come in different colors and designs, so be sure to check them out.

#7 – Loose Fit Jumper Sweaters

Perfect for going out or just lounging around the house, these vegan acrylic wool sweaters are sure to be a hit.

#8 – Apple Watch

If you and your mom are iPhone users, the Apple Watch is the perfect compliment. Not only will mom be able to tap you on the wrist to say hello from anywhere in the world, she’ll be able to stay healthy with workout motivations and health monitoring.

#9 – Freestanding Wooden Hares

Is mom an animal lover? She’d probably like these wooden hares for around the house.

#10 – Distressed Vegan Leather Ottoman

Alright, I have to say this is pretty cool. It’s an awesome looking ottoman made out of vegan leather. I might have to get one for myself!

Hopefully this list helped give you some ideas of what to get mom for her special day. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

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